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A duo of compact calendar and reminder widgets for iPhone and iPad

Eventail is a Today widget extension for the iPhone. It displays your upcoming events and reminders in a compact way that allows you to review your upcoming schedule at a glance. Eventail leaves enough space around for other widgets.

Apps relevant to displayed events can be opened directly from the widget. Multiple mapping and conference services are supported. Visit the ever growing list of supported actions

Reminders without due dates can be displayed using a second widget.

Eventail receives regular updates with new features and bugfixes. Check out what is new.

Glance over your schedule

Screenshot showing 5 days
  • Display events for up to seven days in advance.
  • Display reminders with due dates next to your events.
  • See the RSVP status for shared events.
  • Eventail has many options to customize what you see
    • Hide days on which you have no plans.
    • Display start time of the first event of each day.

Dig into the details

Screenshot showing a single day
  • See the details of all events in a given day with a simple tap.
  • You can see event time and its invitation status.

Immediate interaction

Screenshot showing a single day in interactive mode
  • Open events, get directions, call your colleagues-immediately from the widget screen.
  • Open events and reminders in a selection of awesome calendar apps.
  • Check off reminders from the widget.
  • Navigate to event's location using one of the supported navigation apps and display titles of non-address locations inline.
  • Immediately join conference calls from invitations
  • Open any URL associated with an event or a reminder. Want to launch shortcuts from the widget? Now you can!
  • If your event's notes contain links you can follow them too.

Master your reminders

Screenshot showing the reminders widget
  • Display all reminders without due dates in s separate widget.
  • Reminders can be shown in list or compact view.
    • List view is ideal for tasks and reminders.
    • Compact brick view is tailored for checklists, shopping lifts and similar uses.

Great customizability

Screenshot showing various themes of the app
  • Three text sizes and full accessibility text size support.
  • Condensed font option.
  • Dark and Black themes.
  • Highlight and Vivid color schemes.
  • Possibility to highlight weekends.

Apple Calendar

Open events in the iOS Calendar app.

Apple Reminders

Open reminders in the default iOS Reminders app.

Fantastical 2

Open events and reminders in the Fantastical 2 app.

Calendar 366

Open events and reminders in the Calendar 366 app.

GoodTask 3

Open reminders in the feature packed GoodTask 3 app.


Open reminders in the stylish Memento app.

Apple Maps

Use Apple Maps to navigate to your events location.


Navigate to the event's location using Citymapper in supported cities.

Google Maps

Navigate to the event's location using Google Maps.


No internet connection for maps? Maps.me integration has you covered.


We have got navigation in China covered too, just use Baidu Maps.


We also offer Gaode Maps as an alternative. This service only covers China.


Navigate through somebody's backyard.

Google Hangouts Chat

Immediately connect to a Google Hangouts Chat meeting.


If you receive a Skype call invitation, you can open the app directly from Eventail.

Cisco Webex

Tap on an invitation event to connect to a webex tele-conferece.

Zoom Meetings

Participate in zoom meetings quickly and effortlessly.


Eventail automatically detects telephone numbers mentioned in your events.


Message the other party in small meetings.

Apple Mail

Organizing an event? Need to give the participants a heads up? Eventail is the fastest way to contact all collaborators.

If you wish to open events and reminders in an app that is not on the list above, you can specify a custom URL scheme to use. This opens Eventail to any application that supports URL schemes. Look at the documentation for examples of custom integrations

Eventail will also find the first HTTP link that can be found in an item's notes and display it as an actionable button.

Eventail additionally adds a button to each Event and Reminder if it has the URL parameter set. This opens a whole world of automation and shortcut possibilities.

What people say about eventail?

I've been testing the updated app for a couple of weeks and I liked it so much, it's now got a spot at the top of my widget list on both the iPhone and iPad.

Eventail makes setting up the perfect week-ahead calendar view on the Widget screen incredibly easy.

I have been waiting for this for years ★★★★★


Tellement pratique que je ne pourrais plus m'en passer. ★★★★★


Eventail is 100% private

Your data is not my business. It is never stored on my servers and as a matter of fact, I do not have any.

I have a very simple privacy policy.

Eventail takes 15 seconds to set up

Launch the app, select your calendars and add the widget. If you would like to know more about the various features, you can read the documentation.

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Throw an e-mail at me

Have a longer question or a feature request? Contact me by e-mail. I work on eventail in my spare time, so I might not reply very quickly.



I do write about Eventail development on my blog from time to time.

If you are interested in the sausage making, read Eventail entries on yozy//NET