Privacy policy

This policy applies to any data you share with Eventail application.

What information does the application use

Eventail will ask for access to these data sets, you can refuse to give it access but it will limit the functionality.

Calendars stored on your iPhone
This access is necessary if you wish to see your calendar events in the widget.
Reminders stored on your iPhone
This access is necessary if you wish to see your reminders in the widget.
Your contacts
This access is only needed if you wish to see the ages of your contacts in the birthday events.

Your data is yours. Eventail does not collect or send any of the data you have given it permission to access to. Eventail only manipulates data on your device. The data stays on the device and Eventail never communicates with any server.

This way we can not use, lose or sell any of your information.

E-mail addresses

Should you send a support e-mail from within the application, I will need to store your e-mail address inside my client and on my e-mail provider's servers. (1&1 in Europe). I need this information to be able to answer you.

I do not share this information with any third parties. If you wish that I delete the conversations we had, send me an email.

When you send a support e-mail from Eventail by using the Contact & Feedback form, Eventail will attach a file containing debug information. This file contains a unique identifier of the app running on your phone, along with information such as the current state of the settings and the number of events currently displayed in the widget.

The file does not contain any sensitive information such as event dates, times or names (no calendar names either). If you do not wish to share this information you can delete the file before sending the message. You can review it once it is sent as the mail will be stored in your Sent inbox.


Naturally any information posted on my Twitter account @eventailapp will be shared with Twitter and will be subject to Twitter Privacy Policy.

Information collected by this website

This website collects logs about accesses, these are used to calculate statistics on visits, and for protection.

The collected information contains your IP address which may or may not identify your computer and rough location. Furthermore your user agent is saved. This identifies the browser and system you are using to access this site.

Updates to this document

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  • 2019-12-16 - Added information about the debug file sent with e-mail
  • 2018-12-19 - Added information about twitter and some clarifications
  • 2018-06-23 - Updated information about storing e-mail addresses
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