for version 2020.3

Hello, welcome to the Eventail documentation page. In here, I will try to answer most of the questions you might have about the application.


Eventail is constantly being updated. Please consider that I work on this app alone in my spare time, and that the app does barely earn any money. If there are delays, it means I have other important things to do. With that said, here is the approximate roadmap for the next features:

2021.1 - Focus on keeping the widgets updated.

Allow event and reminder creation directly from the Eventail app.
Since Eventail refreshes every time you close the app, making eventail your primary app to create events will keep the widgets up to date.
Focus on refreshing the widget more often.
This is at risk of being rejected so must be done alone.

2021.2 - Focus on adding new features.

  • Add ability to hide empty days in the widget.
  • Add a setting to open the selected calendar app when tapping on the widget.
  • Background editor to allow easily creating transparency and other effects for the home screen.

2021.? (somewhere in the future)

  • Optimize the speed of switching tabs and opening theme screen.
  • Watch app.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the Day or Week widget in when adding widgets to the home screen.

This is a bug in iOS, sometimes after app install or update not all widgets will be visible. Restarting your device usually fixes the issue. If the problem persists, try removing, re-installing the application and restarting your device.

Where is the old widget?

The old widget is still accessible by going to the left-most screen with the widget view and tapping on the "Edit" button, then tapping on the "Customize" button.

Can I put the old widget on the home screen?

Unfortunately no, this is a limitation of iOS. Old style widgets are now deprecated and they will be probably removed soon.

After adding an event from the Calendar app, the widget does not get updated. What can I do?

This is a limitation of iOS. Widgets have to be generated in advance. Eventail will always refresh the widgets when the app closes, so if you use the widget it will keep updated.

I'm trying to work out a solution to periodically refresh the widget but I am unsure it will pass review.

Can you add buttons to the small version of the widget?

Unfortunately no, iOS allows only opening the host app when tapping on small sized widgets.

Can I hide days with no events from the week widget?

I'm working on it, this should be available in 2021.1